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Sponsorship provides vital funding to attract more exhibitors and is an opportunity to promote your business or organisation at an inclusive cultural event. Our sponsors are invited to a preview of the GAE at which they select a work of art to receive a prize in their name. In acknowledgement of their support, the sponsor’s logos are exhibited next to the artwork throughout the exhibition. At the GAE Awards Ceremony, the sponsors are invited to present their prizes to the artists in person. The prizes comprise half of the sponsorship, the other half being a donation towards exhibition costs.


Be part of this. Work with us to make the Gordon Art Exhibition a truly inclusive event to draw businesses and artists together, to create opportunities for people where none other exists, to raise awareness of local talent and to celebrate the creativity in the north-east.




What is the exhibition?

The Gordon Art Exhibition is a well known event on the Aberdeenshire Calendar which affords an exceptional opportunity for artists to exhibit their work-without going through a selection process. The standard of presentation is high and attracts professional artists, but amateur artists of all ages and abilities are particularly welcome.


Who runs it?

It is run entirely by volunteers who believe that creativity  brings benefits to everyone and who are enthusiastic about the GAE because it is accessible to, and encourages a wide range of participants.


How is it funded?

Partly by the artists themselves, partly by volunteers absorbing costs and partly by like-minded business people who get involved in the exhibition.


Who goes to it?

Members of the public are drawn to the exhibition to find works by their favorite artists, to discover new and emerging talent and perhaps to make an investment for the future- at a reasonable cost!


When and where?

All information to be updated for 2019

Inverurie Town Hall, Friday 24th-Tuesday 28 March 2017

Sponsor a prize: £100
Advertise in the catalogue:
Quarter Page £25
Half Page £50
Full Page £100

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